Meet the Creator

Books are a passion of mine, the first book that spoke to me was Anne of Green Gables. A sassy little red head with a big vocabulary, I couldn’t get enough. This love just grew. I loved books so much that I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from UNC Wilmington, concentrating in Fiction and Editing.

When I started my Master of Arts in Interactive Media, I knew that I wanted find a way to spread the happiness I found in the written word. I started thinking about how I could create something that would help others discover books and continue to find new ones. That’s how the idea of bibliofiles came to me.

I hope that when people use bibliofiles they find books that speak to them. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to make something that creates a digital space for books. After graduation, I am beginning work as a Conversion Rate Optimization Analyst at ROI Revolution in Raleigh and completing my MBA at Elon University. I hope to continue work on bibliofiles. If you have any questions, or would like to know anything, please contact me!